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The 2019 Annual Research Symposium will take place at Somerville College in Oxford on 16th September 2019.

Further details, including how to register, are available here.

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The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Bonn offers around 500 fellowships annually to post-doctoral researchers (Humboldt Research Fellowships for Postdoctoral Researchers) who have completed their doctorate in the last 4 years and who wish to pursue further research in Germany. The awards are for 6 to 24 months. There is also a scheme for more experienced researchers (Humboldt Research Fellowships) who completed their doctorate less than 12 years ago and who already hold an academic position. Further details on these schemes and others (including ones for German researchers who wish to carry out research outside Germany) can be found through the link to the main AvH website above.

    In addition, see this presentation (3.2 Mb). Feel free to use and customise these slides to spread the word about this important and prestigious programme.

  The aims of the UK AvH Association are to support and provide a forum for 1000+ Humboldtians who based in the UK, as well as assisting Anglo-German academic cooperation more generally. Those Humboldtians are distributed all over the UK, working in 85 universities, as well as a number of industrial and non-academic public sector organisations, and their expertise spans disciplines that range from the sciences, maths and engineering to humanities and the social sciences.

  The Association organises an Annual Research Symposium in September each year and circulates a call for talks from any Humboldtian around 5 months beforehand. Please get in touch if you would be interested in presenting.

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Please contact the Treasurer, Prof. em. John Baines (treasurer [at] if you wish to make a donation to the UK AvH Association





Contact: info [at] Two important figures in the UK AvH Association's past have died recently. Professor Brian Ketterer, Founding President of the UK von Humboldt Association, died on 28.1.2015. Professor Gustav Born, a great friend of the UK AvH Association passed away on 16.4.2018.









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Humboldtians are encouraged to keep their details up to date with the central AvH database. This can be done by going to the AvH website ( If you have forgotten or not received a log-in or password then contact them by e-mail (info [at] We use the addresses from this database to contact Humboldtians here in the UK to alert them to Annual Meetings and other events. The JISCmail forum is a way of contacting Humboldtians and can be accessed here, or via avh-uk [at]









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